Skill profiles in Sharepoint

Making skills visible where they are documented

In general, HR Analytics or People Data is alive from having the right data, in the right quality, in the right format at their disposal. And what would be a better database than a system which most people usually use in the company – Sharepoint.


Integration of the skill profiles

This is where the Skills as a Service technology comes into play. Through our API, we analyze the various individual data that a user creates and make suggestions, so he can permanently update and extend his MySite. And that is just the beginning. Thanks to our understanding of language, we are able to make suggestions in the Sharepoint itself on who could be a suitable colleague, a suitable project, a suitable knowledge resource or a suitable training. That is exactly where the user already spends a large part of his time, in an environment with which he is very familiar and in which he finds his way easily.

This avoids time-consuming new implementations and additional training needs of users as well. Not to mention elaborate votes and approvals throughout the organization.