Skill Management in Projects

Projectmanagement 4.0

Who is not familiar with this? The project deadline is approaching rapidly, the days are getting longer and then project documentation has to be created and stored properly? Not realistic. For us, skill management that is smart and as automated as possible is an essential part of successful project management.

Strategic project management only works with a well-implemented skill management

In many cases, the implicit knowledge from the projects remains hidden in the minds of employees and in cryptic documents, so that the topic of knowledge transfer as part of project management largely disappears. And the ever-growing number of projects and project workers mean that an incredible amount of relevant knowledge is created, which is forgotten just as often. This is how projects are delayed or even carried out at the same time and, thus, create enormous costs. The situation is similar when looking at the systematic use of project learning and thus the systematic error prevention in projects. Suitable documents or contact persons can seldomly be matched to your own project, in an effort to avoid errors efficiently and effectively, without problems.


Automated skill and knowledge management as a solution

With the skills-as-a-service technology, texts can be systematically analyzed and used to create employee and project profiles. Detailed, permanent and automated – very easy. If the respective project names are deposited, we can even ensure that project profiles are filled automatically, in terms of both content and information on who were the participants in the project. The result is a living knowledge network that, in the next step, can use the matching-as-a-service technology to suggest suitable profiles on the basis of all available information, be it suitable employee-employee constellations, project-employee constellations or project-project Constellations (what similar projects are there, to my current project).