The aim of the joint project funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research is the development and testing of innovative services and business models that result from the consistent networking of the entire value chain. German companies can collaborate with their employees and users to create new smart services and thus secure a sustainable competitive advantage. Good support requires speed and user focus.

In the HISS project, a concept is being developed that combines adaptive artificial intelligence (AI) using the latest bot technology with classic support. In addition, the concept is supplemented by crowd-based approaches in order to be used in special cases of support. The aim is a service system that increases efficiency potential through automation and improves support services in a user-centered manner.

This ensures that support staff independently suggest a large proportion of the simple questions for processing by AI. This gives employees the opportunity to specifically free themselves from particularly “annoying” tasks in order to concentrate on the more demanding tasks.

Funded by: BMBF
Project sponsor PTKA
Project website: www.projekt-hiss.de