The joint project Nudger develops innovative concepts and associated IT systems for the digital working world of the future in the context of the advancing digitization and development of information technologies, taking nudges into account to ensure privacy and informational self-determination.

Nudging aims to influence the behavior of users in a predictable way. This is done through pre-settings, targeted attention, motivations and other instruments that provide incentives to change behavior. In the context of digital work systems, employees should be influenced by nudges in such a way that they make “better” decisions that take into account their privacy and at the same time their informational self-determination. As part of the project context, this includes dealing with central requirements for the embedding of IT systems in digital work processes and the necessary design decisions for digital nudging concepts in the context of privacy. This ensures, on the one hand, the acceptance of such systems by employees and, on the other hand, their acceptability in terms of compliance with normative requirements from the areas of data protection law and ethics.

Project participants

• University of Kassel, Department of Information Systems, Prof. Dr. Jan Marco Leimeister (coordination)
• University of Kassel, Department of Public Law, IT Law and Environmental Law, Prof. Dr. Gerrit Hornung
• smarTransfer GmbH, Dr. Philipp Bitzer
• Fraunhofer IAO – Production Management and Future Work Lab, Dr. Stefan Gerlach

The Nudger project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research under the project sponsorship of VDI / VDE-IT Innovation + Technik GbmH.

Funding number for the business informatics department at the University of Kassel: 16KIS0890K