Skills as a Service

HR &People Analytics of the next generation

HR and People Analytics are the key to New Work. Smart technologies should not only help to prevent mistakes, but the organizational development should be most important. With our people hub differentiated skill profiles of employees can be constructed automatically. Networking between employees, staffing of vacant projects and the selection of individually suitable training is completely matched to the employee’s interests within seconds.

The user centric design of our application leaves all choices to the users so that they only receive relevant suggestions that are suitable to their individual skills and wishes.

Step 1: Skill profiles

Firstly, data sources (e.g. project reports) are analysed. Based on this analysis, relevant skills can be identified and user skill profiles can be constructed. All entries and additions to the skill profiles are optional and with that conformable to the DSGVO regulation.

We integrate ourselves into your existing system landscape – no other tool, no lengthy coordination processes with different parties. You can simply use what already works and make it smarter using our technology and our experience.

Step 2: Matching

Based on the skill profiles, suitable suggestions for the users can be generated.

The matching process is extremely accurate and considers a multitude of information. Our technology for example recognizes which skills an employee misses to fulfil a certain job role and can specifically suggest suitable trainings.

The accurate analysis of employees’ completed projects, available skills and skill goals can rapidly match employees to vacant positions. As every information in the skill profile is authorized by the user, the suggestions are always suited to what he/she values as important and interesting.