Making jobs and employees smarter

Often, internal job markets are very inefficient. Currently, the status quo is using hidden areas of the intranet, specially creating project and job forums or simply sending emails via specifically created mailing lists.

The problem

Often, advertised vacancies are not seen by the appropriate candidates, let alone filled with them, for example, because they are not regularly visiting the relevant pages or even have the idea to apply for a specific job. The increasing number of jobs and projects alone that need to be filled internally makes it more and more difficult to purely use human assessments to determine which group should be distributed via which channel.

The solution

With the Matching-as-a-Service technology, job advertisements can be easily uploaded or posted on the platform of your choice and you’ll get the suiting employee profiles displayed in seconds. From a variety of information, we select the most promising candidates and save you from long frustrating search cycles. The skills as a key decision criterion can be taken into account as well as, for example, the current workload, the skills and career aspirations of the employees and, of course, the proximity to the place of work. Very flexibly adaptable to the search criteria that are important to you.